Artificial turfs are taking over the slot of aesthetic home decor options for the past few years. Not only do turfs make the outdoors look more attractive, but they are also cost-effective.

However, installing artificial grass is a significant investment. Therefore, to ensure your turf lasts long, it’s crucial to pick on the right purchase. Concerning this, here are 7 things you should consider before buying off-cut turf.



Look for turfs that are well-stitched and are evenly backed. Quality turfs have a soft texture and a consistent color, making them look more like natural grass. Concerning this front, you can go for polyamide, polypropylene turfs, or polyethylene yarns.

However, remember that quality turfs can be costlier than the others. But, since they will be a long-term investment, it’s better to go off buying the best. While at it, make sure to decide on a budget before you enter the market.


The next critical factor to pay heed to while buying the turfs is the amount of traffic in the area you wish to cover with artificial grass. If you have kids or pets in your home, you’ll need a highly durable turf that does not wear out easily.  Thus, choose by considering how you’ll be using the turf-covered area in the future.

Remember that highly durable turfs may be quite stiff to touch. Nonetheless, investing in quality turfs can ensure you don’t end compromising with comfort.

Pile Height

Pile height is the length of the grass blades from above the backing to the tip. If you wish for a full, lush lawn, choosing turf with long grass blades can be a good option. However, note that longer grass blades are comparatively heavier, and thus, more likely to bend over themselves with time. This can make your lawn look less like what you wished for while installing turfs.

Therefore, for a subtle, natural look, choose a pile height of 30-37 mm. Besides, make sure to brush the turf regularly regardless of your chosen pile height.


The best part about artificial grass is the various shades of green it comes in— lime green, dark green, olive green, and more. While you can pick turfs of any color as per your preferences, take the samples outside to see which one looks great in the natural light.

Besides, avoid picking on turfs that are too vivid. Instead, go for off-cut grass Wyndham Vale with different green shades and some brown flecks. This will give a more natural look to your turf-covered area and will complement your house.


Turf density is the measure of the amount of yarn per square unit. Dense turfs come with more fiber content that makes your space look fuller. Plus, they are more durable to stand up to heavy traffic.

However, if you don’t want to invest in dense turfs but want to give your space an aesthetic appeal, you can improve your grass’s performance and longevity by using sand infill.


Artificial turfs are easy to maintain and don’t require much upkeep. However, keeping synthetic grass can increase its longevity and make it look all new and excellent for the coming years.

While purchasing a turf, evaluate what amount of time and care you can invest in its upkeep. Although all the turfs need to be looked after more or less the same way, it’s the maintenance cost that can create a tussle. Therefore, if your turf requires frequent and costlier maintenance, it’s better to switch to new turf.


Artificial turfs are a good-to-go option for those wishing for lush green lawns with minimal effort. But installing synthetic grass is a big investment. Thus, it is advisable to consider all the aspects mentioned above before purchasing artificial turfs.

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