Pet Premium Infill

Our Pet Friendly option includes an infill which consists of natural minerals which is designed to absorb animal urine.
The absorption prevents the grass from forming any unpleasant odours.
When laid our Pet Infill is laid safely, transparent, and is completely safe for pets and people.

Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

Infill Ratios;

  • Small Dogs: 5 – 7Kg Per Sq/m
  • Large Dogs: 10Kg Per Sq/m
  • Multiple Dogs: 15Kg Per Sq/m


1. What is Premium Pet Infill?
Pet Premium Infill is a specially designed product consisting of natural minerals. It is used with our artificial grass to absorb animal urine, preventing any unpleasant odours from forming.
2. Is artificial grass infill for dogs, safe for my family?
Absolutely! Our Pet Premium Infill is completely safe for both pets and people. It is laid transparently and securely, posing no risk to the safety of your beloved animals or family members.
3. How does the premium pet infill for artificial grass work in preventing odours?
The natural minerals in the infill have high absorption properties. They effectively absorb the urine from pets, preventing the liquid from stagnating and causing unpleasant smells on your artificial grass.
4. How much of the Pet Premium Infill will I need for my space?

The amount of artificial turf infill you’ll need depends on the size of your pets and the number of pets using the area:
– For small dogs, use 5 – 7 kg of infill per square meter.
– For large dogs, use 10 kg of infill per square meter.
– For households with multiple dogs, use 15 kg of infill per square meter.

5. How do I apply the Pet Premium Infill to the artificial grass?
The turf infill for pets should be spread evenly over the artificial grass. Ensure that you use the correct amount of infill based on the size and number of pets you have to maximize absorption and odour control.
6. How often will I need to replace the Pet Infill for artificial grass?
Replacement frequency depends on usage and the number of pets utilizing the area. For specific guidance based on your circumstances, please contact our expert team.

For more information or specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at Amazing Turf!

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