How lovely it will be to sit in your home and look out at a lush, green lawn! Indeed. Then why don’t you have your own outdoor green sitting area yet? Space constraints? No time for maintenance? Budget restrictions?

Let nothing come between you and fancy living. Fake grass Melbourne is one of the best ways to have a green aesthetic at your place. It is so much more than just a green carpet of grass. The Melbourne culture, residential and commercial, is now moving towards artificial turf. Want to know why? Here are the amazing benefits of having fake grass in Melbourne:

1.    Low Maintenance

It has been repeated over and over again how artificial turf does not need any maintenance. The truth is, it will require some maintenance, just lesser than having a natural outgrowth in your lawn. The time that you spent on maintaining your grass and lawn, can now be spent with family and friends.

2.    No More Puddling

Under natural conditions, the ground has several grooves where water tends to accumulate. Before installing fake grass in Melbourne, the ground is properly leveled, getting rid of all holes and grooves. Even water channels are made to properly drain excess water and avoid accumulation at all times.

3.    No Grass or Mud Stains

Kids love to play in that open space, but natural grass can also cause stains or mud spots on their clothes and body. Forget that breeding ground of germs with easy-to-clean artificial turf that leaves to stain or streaks.

4.    No Bare Spots

Grasses tend to diminish growing at the places where most people walk. In an outdoor lawn where you expect to walk, exercise, play, or simply relax, a short growth will kill the vibe. Therefore, always choose fake grass Melbourne that is resilient and bounces back to its original shape and size, despite being walked on.

5.    Pet and Kid-friendly

As the artificial turf prevents the breeding of germs and bacteria, kids and pets can play on it without any care. There are no toxic chemicals in the artificial grass, keeping it safe from exposure.

6.    No Harsh Fertilisers

Following the previous benefit, you also don’t need to add any other fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides to maintain the bush. Therefore, your lawn is eco-friendly, and always ready to host kids and adults alike.

7.    Great Recreational Area

The biggest benefit of fake grass Melbourne is that it serves as a great space for having parties, get-togethers, or simply a new spot for your recreational activities. It can withstand heavy volumes of foot traffic and be carved in various shapes and sizes as per your requirement.

8.    Cost-Effective

Needless to mention, maintaining and keeping a fake grass stretch is way cheaper than the natural one. The initial cost of installation is an investment that will keep your outdoors lusciously attractive for years. In the long term usage, the cost of installation will pay off rather than maintaining natural grass in the lawn.

9.    Drought Resistant

The synthetic turf only needs little water to wash off the bushes and keep the dust and odor away. Lack of rain or water restrictions in the locality will never harm this artificial grass ever. Actually, you can show off a green patch of land, even in the aridest regions with artificial grass.

10.  Bearing The Australian Sun

Keeping the Australian heat in mind, it is only smart to get fake grass in Melbourne. The artificial one can stay in shape for longer, despite its constant exposure to extreme heat. It will not dry out or break like the original grass.

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