The trend of artificial grass installation is rising by some 20-30 percent per year. Why is it gaining such high popularity? Perhaps because it’s maintenance-free in nature. To keep it weed-free and neat, no pesticides are necessary. Neither, water is needed for its growth. This is a big deal as water is an increasingly scarce resource. Let us figure out what you must consider before buying artificial grass Point Cook products.


Key Features of Artificial Grass

Here are some of the unique qualities of artificial grass.

  • It could take quite a few hours for the average garden to mow every month. Artificial grass ensures that you get a huge chunk of your life back by picking artificial turf. 
  • At a point, artificial grass used to look fake. But these days, there are a lot of new products hitting the market that breaks the barrier between real and artificial.
  • Some firms have invested a vast amount of time and resources manufacturing something that is a long way from the scratchy plastic that was available in the market a decade ago. 
  • Specific blades may be sliced into various X, C, U, or V-like shapes, for instance, as per your preference.

Before you opt for turf installation Point Cook services, please be clear that each different form of synthetic grass has different properties. While some are symbols of softness, others may be rich in anti-flattening resilience, and so on.

The production process and design of the grass are important. Simultaneously, you should also pay attention to the installation process, as it might make or break the appearance of your lawn. Maybe you were planning to try DIY (Do It Yourself). But, please double verify if that option is viable for you. You wouldn’t want a mess when it comes to your investment.

Things to Consider: Foundation Matters

Sometimes, if you don’t choose the right material, it might not adjust to the weather. Also, erroneous installation can lead to the flattening and decoloring of the turf. Remember, the sustenance of artificial turf rests in the foundation on which it is laid.

Part of the solution includes a seven-step procedure that results in a lawn that promises to last and look fantastic for the next 15-20 years at least.

  • In this process, the technicians first cut the current grass and dig holes between 10-15 centimetres deep. 
  • Then the soil surface is properly levelled and a sheet of crushed granite is applied to create a solid underlayer, which is then compacted down.
  • To prevent the growth of weed, a commercial-grade membrane goes on top of that, followed by a fine layer of specific sand infill. 
  • Then the mud is swept, all the excavated dirt inside removed, your new grass turf is ready for you to enjoy.

Why Hire A Professional Turf Installation Point Cook Service?

You always wanted to build a lawn, not a sandpit. If this is your first time building a lawn, you wouldn’t want to make a mess. The professionals use a dedicated gadget to scatter the soil. Another special brush-like instrument is used to shake it down in an appropriate manner.

This helps the soil to pour down to the base of the blades. And that’s an important step since it not only firmly keeps the grass in place, but guarantees that the blades do not flatten over time. That’s the secret to your turf’s genuinely natural appearance.

If you are not sure which artificial grass Point Cook product would suit best for your needs, reach out to professionals. Amazing Turf is a pioneer in local turf installation.

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