Although artificial turf offers many benefits to space, it also requires a certain amount of care and maintenance. Between pets, children, and other elements, turfs also require effective stain management measures. Unlike actual grass where pets, oil, or food stains need to eventually mow out, stains in turf need to be immediately removed to maintain the quality of the grass. Here are some simple maintenance tips that will keep the luster and color quality of your turf intact.

  • For Light Stains – Make sure you instantly clean all the liquid spillage as soon as possible, before they become stubborn. You can wash the area with a solution of mild detergent and water. Ensure to thoroughly clean the turf with water.
  • For Stubborn Stains–You can use an ammonia mixture to remove stubborn stains of grease, ink, oil, and crayon. Use this method when the stains don’t go away from the detergent solution. Gently rinse the cheap turf Truganina with cold water.
  • For Sticky Stuff –You see chewing gums can damage the texture and quality of the turf. But the good news is, they are quite easy to remove. Just put some aerosol refrigerants or dry ice to freeze the gum and it can be easily removed from the turf.
  • Removing Pet Waste–If you have pets at home, it doesn’t imply that you have to keep on cleaning your cheap artificial grass Truganina time and again. Just allow the waste to dry and pick it up with a dustpan. Clean the liquid stains with detergent solution and water.

You see, an average artificial grass Truganina lasts over 15-25 years. You can enhance it’s life further if you take appropriate measures to maintain it. Make sure you clean the debris and dust regularly to maintain the lush green color of your turf. You will need cleaning equipment like a hose, lawn vacuum, leaf blower, and a good quality rake.


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