Are you planning to install Fake Grass Melbourne on your own? It may be a good idea if you carefully follow the instruction manual usually provided by the Synthetic Turf Installers Melbourne. You can also take their help while installing the grass. For installing the artificial grass, all you need is a DIY kit which includes tools for installation along with tapes & glue for safe joints of artificial grass and also an installation Manual.

Here are few points which one should not neglect while installing the artificial turf on your own

  1. Make the surface even: Smoothening a lawn is the first and foremost requirement while installing the Fake Grass Melbourne. Remove all the weeds and stones from the area to make the surface even. This process needs patience and efforts but a smoother area will ultimately lead to perfect installation of the turf.
  1. Measure the area properly: Before installing the turf, it is highly recommended to measure the area accurately where you want to place the Grass. A wrong measurement can make your all determinations of installation futile. Hence, ensure exact measurement of the installation area for fruitful results.
  1. Don’t forget to install Weed Barrier: One of the significant advantages of Artificial Grass Installation Melbourne is respite from unwanted weeds. Hence it is advisable to spread a layer of Weed Barrier underneath your offcut turf Melbourne. In case you fail to install it, you may face the same issue later.
  1. Buy all the turf at a time: Some times, people buy Fake Grass Melbourne in batches which may lead to variation in color of the turf. Therefore, one should always buy the turf at a time to give a uniformity to the area.
  1. Secure the grass using Joining Tape: A Perfect installation of Synthetic Turf Melbourne requires securing of the grass effectively. There are Fake Grass in Melbourne which have self-adhesive tape at the back. One has to peel off the back of the tape and join it firmly. In some grass, one may have to use a glue to stick it. Hence it may require a skilled person to properly secure the grass.
  1. Secure the Edges of the Grass: So, Almost the job is done! Now only you require is to ensure that the edges of Artificial Grass Melbourne must be properly nailed in order to avoid the unnecessary curling of the grass from the edges.

Although the DIY kit with a thorough Installation guide helps you to install the Fake Grass Melbourne, one may seek help from the professional team of experienced Synthetic Turf Installers Melbourne. Amazing Turf is one of the best Teams of proficient Installers in Melbourne who ensure perfect Designing, Supply and Installation of the turf at your place. Be it a small area like – pavements or Front yard & Backyard of your abode, they take each project sincerely. The team offers the best services with warranty period and assured quality of the product. Just give a call to Amazing Turf and transform your home into an admiring place.

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