Over the years, artificial grass installation was thought to be prevalent in garden areas only. However, today, the synthetic grass installation process has become more popular across different avenues. You can opt for artificial grass installation Melbourne services to replace your existing garden lawn. Besides, you can also transform the external premises of your office with amazing artificial grass.


Growing popularity for artificial turf

One of the most valid reasons why an increased number of people are trending towards replacing their existing concrete path with artificial grass is its cost-effectiveness. And the second most attractive reason for adopting artificial grass for your lawn is the extremely lower maintenance requirements associated with them. And guess what, there aren’t any muddy mess associated with their maintenance process. Therefore it ensures that the entire operation keeps the surrounding clean.

Versatile Garden Decoration

Synthetic turf installation Melbourne companies are providing the utmost value to those interested in installing such majestic turfs in their domestic and commercial areas. In case you were wondering what makes these artificial turfs versatile, it is its implementation opportunities. One can install such turfs in not only private and public gardens, but also in school playgrounds, golf putting areas, exhibition areas, and many more. You can even add some distinct features to your house by installing an artificial grass unit inside your bedroom or drawing-room.

But now, the biggest question that most people ask is how to install these artificial turfs.

Well, let us explain the process in the easiest possible way.

Doing it yourself

If you belive you are a confident person and you have that desire of getting things done on your own, the DIY method should be perfect for you.

And if you are ready to get through the process by yourself, here are a few essential tools that you’ll require:

  •       Stiff broom
  •       Garden hose
  •       A Stanley knife
  •       A stripping knife

You would also require the following materials to get your artificial turf installed:

  •       Your choice of artificial grass: This typically depends on your lawn’s size. The width of these grasses varies between 2 and 4 meters.
  •       2 meters wide Foam Underlay
  •       For securing each foam underlay pieces, you would also require gaffer tape
  •       Multi-Purpose Grass Adhesive: 5 or 10 KG variants
  •       Joining tapes can come in handy

Let’s begin with the artificial turf installation process:

  •       First of all, remove the existing concrete surface from the ground where you would like to install artificial grass
  •       Dig drainage holes for avoiding standing water in rainy seasons
  •       Now, you can simply install the foam underlay.
  •       You might find that the length of the artificial grass is too long. If so, cut its size as per the requirements.
  •       Now apply the glue for securing the perimeter
  •       Apply 4-5kg of kiln-dried sand per square meter of artificial grass.

Hiring the right professional

Artificial grass installation is a pretty hectic affair that most people like to avoid. Besides, leaving the responsibilities to someone reliable and professional would make the entire task hassle-free. With our guide, artificial grass installation is easier than ever. Contact us for more information.

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