One of the most popular reasons for choosing artificial turf is its superb resilience against any weather condition. You see, extreme changing temperature or weather conditions don’t have any impact on these durable and evergreen synthetic turfs. Although it requires minimal maintenance, here are some tips to take care of your turf during different seasons.

  • When it Freezes – The best thing about the cheap artificial grass in Caroline Springs is frost doesn’t damage its fibers. You might experience the crunch while walking, but it doesn’t mean that the grass is breaking. All you need to do is let the snow melt naturally. Using anti-freeze products is not advisable as it can damage the quality of the turf.
  • During Snowfall – One thing is for sure that snow will never damage your Artificial Grass in Caroline Springs. So relax and enjoy the view while it is snowing outside. You can remove this snow with the help of a snow shovel. This will gently remove all the snow. But you should also be careful of the slippery surface. To be on a safer side, you should try to remove the snow by hand only.
  • During Rainy Season –If you have hired experienced professionals for installing Synthetic Turf in Caroline Springs, you need not worry about the rainy season. Synthetic grass has an excellent drainage capacity of up to 60 liters per minute. It will ensure that your lawn will not get unstable or flooded during heavy rains. Make sure you keep on removing the debris regularly to prevent the drainage holes from getting blocked.
  • During Winds –You see, heavy winds can bring a lot of dirt, dead leaves, and debris with them. Make sure you keep on sweeping the lawn to avoid dirt piling up. Moreover, decomposed leaves can lead to a lot of mess on the turf.

These were some useful tips that will help you in keeping your turf lawn clean and beautiful throughout the year. Make sure you connect with a trustworthy brand for turf installation.

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