You’ll appreciate how little maintenance artificial grass takes. Now that you’ve put it on your balcony, garden, patio, or roof terrace, you must maintain them regularly. You won’t have to water, trim, or fertilise it as you would need to do for real grass. To maintain your Synthetic Turf in Wyndham Vale  and ensure it looks new for many years, just follow these simple procedures.


The need for cleaning

Artificial grass on balconies, terraces, and patios always looks appealing and is excellent for entertaining. But what if one of your visitors spills red wine or coffee on it by accident? What if your favorite pet vomits or urinates on your synthetic turf?

Don’t panic, a little red wine or pet feces won’t ruin your high-quality, stain-resistant artificial turf. All you have to do now is hydrate the area thoroughly. After that, spray the area with a mild soapy solution or a combination of equal parts water and vinegar, then rinse with water again. Your artificial grass will be clean and fresh in no time.

Things you will need

Here is a list of important tools you will require to clean your artificial grass:

  • Rake (for smaller areas) 
  • Air blower (for larger spaces) 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Rigid broom (Ensure it is not made of metal. Otherwise, they might damage the turf) 
  • Hose or water bucket 
  • Soft soap 
  • A solution made of water with vinegar

Washing artificial turf: Basics

Artificial turf can be washed in the same way that any other indoor floor. Dry leaves and other trash, such as papers, can sometimes end up getting stuck on fake grass. We recommend picking up garbage from balconies and rooftops by hand or using a flexible rake to collect all rubbish before placing it in the bin. A bigger area, such as a garden, may benefit from the usage of an air blower.

You may use the vacuum cleaner to clean artificial grass installed inside or on balconies, and then wash it with water if desired. That will restore the appearance of your artificial turf. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to clean artificial turf that has been placed outside, but be careful not to remove the sand infill.

Cleaning on a regular basis

On artificial grass, constant foot traffic can cause particular regions to be crushed and lose their natural look. As a result, doing routine maintenance is necessary. Simply sweep the artificial grass with a brush or hard broom to restore the versatility of the crushed sections. After that, sprinkle the area with a gentle soap solution (or vinegar and water) and then rinse it well with water.

You can even hire professionals

If brushing/washing a wide area of artificial grass seems like too much labor, you can always hire a professional who has all of the essential instruments to do the job faster and better. Furthermore, professional lawn care entails more than just mowing and raking.

Professionals are in charge of inspecting the joints to guarantee that there are no unattractive gaps in the fake grass. If there are any gaps, extra grass can be used to fill them. They also inspect all of the edges to ensure that the artificial turf is properly secured. They can repair any weak edges to avert any potential mishaps and use a particular solution to clean and disinfect artificial grass.

Keep your artificial grass clean

Whatever path you choose, whether it’s DIY or hiring professionals, you must consider conducting regular maintenance in order to keep it looking fresh for a longer period of time.

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