Building a low-priced fake lawn fulfills your creative ideas quickly without disrupting your budget. In this highly competitive market where you get hundreds of companies for fake grass in Melbourne, only a few of them provide genuine quality products which last in the long-run. While purchasing fake grass in Melbourne, the major mistake done by customers is getting attracted to the low-priced quotes for the same quantity of products. On a casual customer survey conducted across the city, it was observed that more than 70% of the customers who were attracted by the cheap prices had a complaint about the durability of their synthetic turf. Within a few years of installation, minor wear and tear problems started emerging, which would otherwise not occur in case of high-quality fake grass.

Did you know when was the first synthetic turf in Melbourne installed? It was the year 2000 when the concept of fake grass entered Australia. Since then every year this industry has faced commendable growth, creating a huge competition in the market. At the developing stage of this industry, only a few players with genuine quality synthetic grass were existing into the market but soon new players entered with price beating strategies like low-quality products. The actual durability of the high-quality fake lawn is approximately 20 years with very exceptional hard wear and tear whereas the latest cheap fake grass in Melbourne lasts around 7-8 years. Therefore, a smart customer always looks for long-term benefits rather than focusing on short term money saving. But this does not mean paying very high prices in the name of building high durability fake lawns. To have peace of mind while investing in a fake lawn always look for a trusted and experienced company offering fake grass in Melbourne. A company’s credibility can be checked by looking at the customer reviews and experiences shared by previously served customers.

At Amazing Turf, we offer the best quality synthetic turf in Melbourne at genuine prices with high-quality after-sales service. Always be aware of what you are being offered and by whom is it offered!

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