When it comes to your landscape, you can’t go wrong with off cut grass supplies. Not only do these options give a lush green lawn but it is environmentally beneficial too. Mowing is tedious, but it greatly contributes to CO2 levels that can pollute the environment with carbon dioxide emissions as well as ground level ozone which inhibits plant growth.

According to the EPA Studies, you may be baffled knowing that one hour of push mowing can create combined pollution of 11 cars.  Who wants to spend their weekends maintaining their landscape? Thanks to artificial grass that now you get your weekends back!

Throughout recent years, off cut grass supplies in Melbourne have been utilized as an alternative to natural grass With an artificial grass installation, your lawn will stay green all year long and help with various aspects of environmental conservation.


Less Water Consumption

Traditional Lawns are a significant source of water consumption, require a lot of maintenance and can be a task to keep alive.A typical lawn requires 1-2 inches of water per week, which can be difficult to maintain in areas with low rainfall or during times of drought. Artificial grass is the perfect alternative while saving & conserving valuable resources with less water consumption.

Fewer Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides

The chemicals used to keep a natural grass lawn healthy can be harmful. These include fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides which may cause health problems for you or members of your family if ingested by them in addition to being tracked inside homes on little paws and feet when guests come over. When you choose artificial turf instead of the traditional green fields, it can make your home more environmentally friendly.

Less Air Pollution & Energy Use

You can instantly make your lawn look like a professional complex with off cut grass supplies in Melbourne. This is because it never needs to be mowed or edged, which saves you time and money! Not only that but in regards to the environment – not needing powered equipment means less energy consumption overall while also helping conserve natural resources such as oil for fuel sources.

Recyclable Materials

How is plant-based artificial grass actually made? It may be surprising to you but most of these products are made from recyclable materials which makes for more environmentally friendly items in general!

With recyclable materials, when the life of your artificial grass or lawn ends you will be able to recycle many components. The technology has come far in recent years & some cities even have turf recycling facilities available, awesome right?

If you’re looking to get your hands on some off cut grass supplies in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact amazing turf for assistance.

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