Pet Friendly Artificial Turf Near Tarneit

At Amazing Turf, we understand the importance of having a lawn that’s both attractive and low maintenance, but most of all, safe for your pets.

With our realistic looking turf, you can have a beautiful long-lasting lawn, free from both harmful chemicals and pesticides.

In fact, pet-safety is our top priority!
All of our turf is Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) tested, so you can have peace of mind that it is 100% safe for people and their pets and at Amazing Turf, we’ve designed just that.

“Pet Spec” – Your Complete Pet-Friendly System

At Amazing Turf, we’ve developed a total Pet-Friendly range specifically for your furry friends. This exclusive premium range provides a low-maintenance, eye-catching and odour-free lawn all year round.

Our Premium Plus range of pet-friendly turf grass near Tarneit includes the following:

High Grade Specifically Designed Pet Turf

Not only is our high-quality turf antibacterial & mould-proof, but it is 20% cooler in the summer months making it an ideal turf for the Australian climate.

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