As the need for artificial grass is increasing, so are the options and various varieties of grass in the market not to mention distributors and methods of installation. There are many organizations that provide artificial grass Wyndham Vale based services. If you are looking for synthetic turf  Wyndham Vale based companies can come to your rescue.

But before that, you must understand what exact qualities you should be looking at in the artificial grass products. We have therefore created a comprehensive artificial grass guide that covers everything you need to know when making the transition to an artificial lawn.

What’s important to be noticed?

Check out these features:

  • Pile Height: Everybody compares real grass to a lush-look, artificial grasses are also common because of this longer pile height. We recommend aiming for a 30-37 mm pile height. Much more than this and you are at risk of getting grass with a flat look. The explanation for this is the longer the blade the heavier it will be and the more likely it is to be pulled down by gravity leading to a flat-look.
  • Scale: Pile height is just half of the equation, search for product scale as well as weight per square foot. A truly good quality grass would weigh around 3 kg per m2.
  • Color: Like it or not, there are several different variations in the hue of artificial grass. You need the correct shade of green with the addition of a brown fleck sometimes referred to as a ‘thatch’ to achieve a natural look. 

Why is color important? 

This simulates a true grass look. If you pick too perfectly green grass, your lawn will appear more like green bowling than the natural look you desire. Greens come in various shades; olive greens, dark greens, lime greens. Which you are very much going for depends on personal preference.

Ask for samples

Artificial grass companies generally give free samples of their variety of artificial grasses – but the quantity of samples provided is typically very limited. Use such samples to help brief the businesses you would like to see for a visit to the site. Check out our vivid collection of top-notch artificial grass samples.

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