A patch of natural grass growing in your backyard or front lawn is not bad. But let’s face it, natural grass is not always the most practical choice. In fact, a better choice is now available. Today’s synthetic grass technology means you can have your poolside, play area, backyard, front yard or rooftop looking super swank in no time at all. Amazing Turf, premium synthetic turf installer Plumpton Victoria have a compelling case why you should seriously consider going the synthetic grass route.


An Eco-friendly Choice

Sadly, man’s recklessness with the environment has made weather patterns increasingly less predictable. Seasons are shifting, droughts are occurring more often than before. There is just no guarantee it will rain when it is supposed to, and we have less and less water to survive on.

We have to conserve the little water we harvest in our dams and reservoirs. For this reason, the random act of watering your garden can earn you a fine with your local authority. With synthetic turf Plumpton Victoria you have no such worries. This artificial grass has absolutely no need for watering and is, thus, an eco-friendly choice.

Low maintenance costs

Amazing Turf deliberately engineers its synthetic grasses as a low maintenance choice for homeowners. The company assumes that as its responsibility, which is all good. But just the idea of synthetic grass screams low maintenance. Artificial grass does not grow, and that means no mowing or watering. The ground is prepared so no grass can grow through it, which means no weeding. It all adds up to practically zero maintenance when compared with natural grass.


But, even though artificial grass is incredibly hard wearing, high traffic areas may wear out faster than the rest of your turf. That is perfectly normal, more so with natural grass. The great news is you can relay the worn sections and have your turf looking as new as when you first laid it. For this, Amazing Turf has some great deals on off cut grass Plumpton Victoria.

Lush-Looking Outdoors in No Time

Natural grass will look great. But not before months of careful tending, lots of watering and hours spent pulling weeds, fertilising and mowing. It is a labour of love. And the average person doesn’t have that time and patience. With synthetic turf you can have your whole property looking as lush – a lot better in most cases – within a day.

It is that fast and painless with artificial grass. And it will look the same wherever you choose to lay it; your rooftop, under a shade, and even on previously paved surfaces. Natural grass won’t you give such freedom unless you are prepared to part with money you could be investing in worthier things.

Artificial Grass is Kind on Your Pocket

After the initial costs of installing your artificial grass, you can literally spend nothing on your artificial grass. The cost of synthetic turf pales into insignificance when considered for natural grass’ cumulative maintenance cost alone. And with Amazing Turf offering a 10-year warranty on all artificial grasses, you will struggle to justify why your backyard and front yard should looking anything but lush and green.


Amazing Turf offers high quality, low maintenance synthetic grass and accessories that will transform the look of your outdoor areas. We have expert installation teams who can be dispatched at short notice. We can also supply DIY kits if you fancy installing the synthetic grass yourself. Contact us for cheap artificial grass prices Plumpton Victoria.

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