Who wouldn’t like a carpet of lush green grass adorning their abode! But most of us purposefully stay away from grass lawns thinking of the high maintenance and cost that tag along with it. Trimming and irrigation is almost a day’s labor and burns a hole in the pocket. But with turf installation Melbourne hitting the market, worries can be thrown out across that lawn and a little coolness to the eyes with greenery adorning your haven is quite possible.

Why Synthetic Turf Over The Natural Lawn?

The answer is quite simple, though synthetic turfs are more expensive initially during the installation process, it requires very less maintenance as compared to natural lawns.

  • Needs to spend lesser time and money on upkeep
  • No natural roots, hence no fertilization and mowing required
  • Can be cleaned up easily by just hosing it down
  • No worries during summers and spring when there is water scarcity
  • No pest-attack
  • Lasts up to almost 20 years


Adding a speck of nature to the place you live in to tranquilize the mind. If you are a person on the go occupied and burdened with chores and has no or little time to spend on lawn maintenance, synthetic turf Melbourne is a boon.

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