Having a Synthetic Turf Melbourne can be very cost-effective in the long run, with no need to mow, reseed or water the lawn. But it is often overstated that you need zero maintenance after installing the artificial grass.

You have to ensure that you properly care for your synthetic garden so that the grass lasts longer. Basic tips to look after an artificial turf are as follows:


1. Keep The Right Equipment

Just because you have an artificial bush, it doesn’t mean that you will not require any tools needed to keep it looking lush. You may no longer need a lawnmower, but it’s nice to keep a leaf blower, rake, and hose handy. A stiff brush can be helpful in sweeping off the dust.

2. Take Charge Immediately After Installation

When the synthetic turf Melbourne is installed, it is natural to see some sand deposits on the grass. Sweep it off slightly so that it can reach the infill. Remember, you have to take charge right from the moment you have your artificial grass set up.

3. Always Maintain Hygiene

Dust, dirt and debris can accumulate on the turf over time and constant outdoor exposure. Dried leaves can be constantly falling on the synthetic turf Melbourne. Keep cleaning all of these to have a beautiful outdoor garden. Additionally, if you have pets around, ensure that they do not chew on the artificial grass and never excrete outdoors.

4. Tend Whenever Needed

Experts recommend tending to an artificial garden once in three months. But if you have kids and pets playing around, you should consider cleaning it more often. Instead of having a fixed time of the month, keep cleaning it whenever needed. This way, your artificial lawn will always be presentable and hygienic.

5. Brush Regularly

To have the fake grasses stand upright, you should stroke them with a hard brush. Even the toughest grass can wear out with usage, but by daily brushing, you can add more years to its life. Avoid using brushes with metal teeth as they can damage the grass in the process.

6. Eliminate odor

Odor cannot impact the life or quality of your synthetic turf in Melbourne. But you also cannot leave it to stink right outside your house or on your balcony. Therefore, it’s important to clean the grass with an enzyme cleaner or with a homemade deodorizer like vinegar.

7. Rinse frequently

Run a stream of water through the artificial turf to easily get rid of dirt and debris. You can also add a mild detergent to the water and wash it all away with a water hose. If there are any heavy stains, use mineral spirits to remove them.

8. Use weedicides

Even after you have installed artificial grass, weed can grow near your pots or in the lawn. Keep using weedicides to get rid of the weed, before they sprout out and cause further damage.

9. Forget the heat

If you are afraid of scorching heat and the severe sun beating down your synthetic turf Melbourne, then you don’t need to worry at all. The look and quality of your artificial grass will never be impacted by the extreme sun. However, you can consider using water to cool off the turf on very sunny days. It isn’t mandatory at all and depends on your requirement.

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