Making the leap from natural grass to synthetic grass is not the easiest of decisions. For the most part, it seems radical. After all, you have probably grown up nursing natural grass and plants around your home. Never mind the attendant pains of constant watering, replanting, and weeding.


And yes, there are some people who will still frown at the choice of synthetic turf for lawns and other outdoor spaces. It is understandable you will wonder what your Tarneit neighbours would say.


They may call it all they care to; fake, unnatural, weird? But the voices you should be listening to are those of your pocket and the environment. As it happens, this choice is good for everyone, your neighbours included and future generations. And while we wouldn’t expect your neighbours to care a great deal about the saving synthetic turf installation Tarneit will bring to your finances, we feel you should.


A Godsend for the environment

Often when we consider the many advantages of synthetic turf we only acknowledge the monetary savings from the cheap artificial grass prices Tarneit, as well as the pleasure of not having to water, mow, fertilise and weed our lawns. That is well and good. But the benefits this option brings to the environment should be celebrated in greater measure.


We say this because of global warming, despite scepticism in some quarters, is real. Droughts are more frequent and the available fresh water is not enough for the ballooning world population. The water you save from not watering will be used to grow food and quench many thirsts downstream.


Lower Carbon Emissions

But away from the cost and water savings is the impact synthetic grass technology has made to the protection of the ozone layer. Because synthetic turf Tarneit does not need any mowing, you will no longer have a need for your diesel lawn mower. This means lesser carbon and smoke emissions into the atmosphere.


You will realise how much of a big deal this is when you consider that people in large cities like Beijing, which are choking with smoke fumes, have had to resort to covering their noses with masks when out on the town. Extreme right? An absolute necessity is more like it.


And it is not just the lawn mower that will be running and smoking less. As your artificial grass will not need any fertilising, those energy heavy fertiliser plants will also be running less. The air pollution resulting from the industrial boilers and other heavy machinery used in fertiliser manufacturing will continue to harm our environment if we don’t adopt more sustainable solutions, like artificial grass.


Adding to that is all the pollution from the trucks that have to ferry all this fertiliser to the various distribution centres. With artificial grass, the only time you will need to burn any fuel will be the odd occasions when you have to use your light (or hybrid) vehicle to ferry off cut grass Tarneit to repair a worn patch.


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