Are you still planning for artificial turf installation on your garden? As the summers are approaching, this is the right time to invest in artificial grass and turf, as regular water supply in dry seasons is actually tough. With the summers approaching, it is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the warmer months. In case of real grass, you have to get involved in lot of lawn mowing, re-seeding which is actually a tedious and physically straining task, however, you do not have to worry any longer with synthetic turf installation and fake grass, it will keep your lawns and gardens lush and full of grass.

Fake grass, more commonly known as artificial grass provides a real-grass appearance while also managing the wear and tear with ease. You do not have to water your lawn in summers.
Artificial turf installation in Melbourne and fake lawns in Melbourne are prevalent today with residents finding artificial turf and artificial grass more convenient and easy to handle.

Homeowners have slowly recognized the importance of fake grass and demand it as it is better in look and appearance, and requires less maintenance. So if artificial turf or fake grass has become your choice and you badly want it for your garden, this is the right season for you. However, some ground work has to be done before installation of artificial turf in your gardens.

Below are few tips on how to successfully install

First of all, clear everything that you already have in your garden, by making use of spade to dig up the existing real grass or previously installed turf. Dig at least 40 mm so that the new fake grass or artificial grass can be installed with ease. You can also buy a turf cutter which will make it less strenuous to cut the turf.

In the next step, put down a layer of sand, preferable builder’s sand at least a depth of 35mm. This will be a perfect base for your fake grass.

Third step involves leveling the sand using a heavy hammer or builder’s plank, however no base can be perfect smooth, there will always be some level of ups and downs in the base but that can easily be managed while installing turf.

Last but not least, always make sure that you protect your turf against weeds. Always put a weed membrane to protect your turf.

The Process

When you begin installing fake grass or synthetic grass in your garden, first glue your artificial rolls of grass together, they must be glued in place together for optimum effect. You can also use jointing tape between the joints of the rolls, so that the rolls do not come out when you stick them on the garden. Once you have glued them together, ruffle the fake grass fibers and physically pin down the edges. Always tuck the grass rolls with pins keeping a distance of 20 cm, so that it gets tightly fixed to the ground.

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