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Facing the dilemma of traditional bowling greens, clubs and players often encounter issues such as uneven playing surfaces, high maintenance costs, and seasonal limitations. Amazing Turf presents an innovative solution with our top-tier artificial grass bowling green, designed to overcome these challenges. Offering a flawless playing experience all year round, our synthetic greens guarantee consistency, durability and minimal upkeep.

The shift towards synthetic bowling greens is not just a trend but a strategic evolution backed by compelling statistics and performance data. With a staggering reduction in maintenance time and costs by up to 75% compared to traditional grass greens and an increase in playability hours, investing in synthetic grass is a good decision.

Moreover, player satisfaction surveys highlight an enhanced playing experience on synthetic greens, noting the consistent speed, predictable ball behaviour and immaculate surface condition as pivotal factors in their preference. Injury reports have also seen a decline, attributed to the even and reliable playing surface that synthetic greens provide, reducing the risk of falls and strains.

artificial bowling greens

Without embracing this innovative product, clubs and players miss out on the benefits that modern technology brings to the sport. Choosing synthetic is not merely opting for convenience but investing in the future of lawn bowling, where enhanced playability, safety and financial savings converge to elevate the game to unprecedented heights.


Beyond the Green: Addressing the Real Challenges with Artificial Bowling Greens

The decision not to upgrade to artificial bowling greens can leave clubs and players grappling with a host of challenges that affect both the enjoyment of the game and the operational efficiency of facilities. Traditional grass greens, while authentic, present issues such as inconsistent play conditions due to weather, high maintenance demands and limited year-round accessibility. Here’s how Amazing Turf’s product range directly addresses these key pain points:

  • Consistent Playability: Our artificial bowling greens are designed to offer a consistent playing surface throughout the year, rain or shine. This reliability ensures that clubs can host more games and tournaments without the worry of weather-induced interruptions.
  • Reduced Maintenance Time and Costs: The upkeep of natural greens is both labour-intensive and costly, requiring constant mowing, watering, and treatment to maintain a playable surface. Switching to artificial bowling greens dramatically reduces these efforts and expenses, freeing up resources that can be better spent on improving club facilities and member services.
  • Enhanced Player Satisfaction: Artificial grass provides a uniform surface that improves the game’s fairness by eliminating the variable conditions often found on natural grass. This leads to improved player satisfaction as skills become the deciding factor in the game, not the unpredictable nature of the playing field.
  • Long-Term Durability: Our synthetic greens are built to last, offering exceptional durability against the wear and tear of regular play. This longevity ensures that clubs make a wise investment in their future with a product that maintains its quality over time.

By choosing Amazing Turf’s artificial bowling greens, clubs and players can overcome the limitations of natural turf, embracing a solution that ensures the game flourishes. Our synthetic greens are not just about overcoming the negatives of grass; they’re about enhancing the overall bowling experience and making the sport more accessible, enjoyable and sustainable for future generations.


Elevating the Bowling Experience: Our Commitment

With Amazing Turf, a leading name among synthetic bowling greens suppliers, clubs and enthusiasts are not just purchasing a product; they’re investing in a partnership that guarantees enhancement in every aspect of their bowling experience. Here’s why choosing a reliable supplier like us makes all the difference:

  • Wide Selection Tailored to Your Needs: Understanding that each bowling club has unique requirements, we offer an extensive selection of synthetic bowling greens. Our range includes various textures, pile heights and densities, ensuring that every client finds the perfect fit for their style of play and aesthetic preferences.
  • Durability That Stands the Test of Time: The hallmark of quality synthetic bowling greens lies in their durability. Amazing Turf prides itself on supplying products built to last, using only the highest quality materials that withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Performance Across the Board: With our product, clubs and players benefit from surfaces that offer consistent ball roll, optimal speed, and precise playability. Whether you’re hosting competitive tournaments or casual play, our greens enhance the playing experience for bowlers of all skill levels.
  • Safety as a Top Priority: Our synthetic bowling greens are engineered to reduce the risk of slips and falls, providing a safer environment for players. The even, predictable surface minimises injury risks, ensuring that everyone, from casual bowlers to competitive athletes, can enjoy the game with confidence.


Are you ready to transform your bowling green with a trusted partner? Visit us today and explore how our expertise as synthetic bowling greens suppliers can elevate your game.


Ensuring Excellence: Tailored Maintenance for Peak Performance

Maintaining a synthetic bowling green requires expertise and attention to detail to ensure it remains in top condition for optimal playability and safety. Our process is meticulous, focusing on preserving the quality and longevity of your green while addressing the specific requirements of your facility. Here’s how we ensure your synthetic bowling green remains a premier playing surface:

  • Initial Assessment and Custom Maintenance Plan: Our service begins with a thorough assessment of your synthetic bowling green to identify any areas that require special attention. Based on this assessment, we develop a customised maintenance plan that targets the specific needs of your green, considering factors such as usage patterns, environmental conditions and the age of the green.
  • Regular Cleaning and Debris Removal: The key to maintaining the appearance and functionality of your synthetic bowling greens is regular cleaning. Our maintenance service includes the removal of debris, leaves, and other materials that can accumulate on the surface, ensuring that the green remains clean and safe for play.
  • Infill Management and Adjustment: Proper infill levels are crucial for maintaining the playing characteristics of a synthetic green. Our team expertly manages and adjusts the infill to ensure consistent ball roll and optimal playing conditions while also providing adequate cushioning to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Surface Inspection and Repair: We conduct regular inspections of the synthetic surface to identify and address any wear, tears or seam issues before they become significant problems. Prompt repairs are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the green and ensuring a seamless playing experience.
  • Professional Advice and Support: Beyond our hands-on maintenance services, we offer professional advice on how to best care for your synthetic bowling green between visits. Our team is always available to answer questions and provide support, ensuring you have the knowledge to keep your green in prime condition.


Why Choose Amazing Turf for Your Artificial Grass Bowling Green?

Selecting our artificial grass bowling green means choosing a partner committed to safety and excellence. Our products are designed with player well-being in mind, featuring advanced materials that reduce the risk of slips and falls, ensuring a safer playing environment.

Reliability is at the core of our offering, with durable, high-quality surfaces that withstand the rigours of play and maintain their pristine appearance over time. Trusting us with your bowling green needs ensures a superior, safe, and enjoyable playing experience for all.


Contact Amazing Turf today to discover how our services and products can transform your facility, ensuring a perfect game environment that players can trust and enjoy.

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What are the main benefits of installing a synthetic bowling green over a traditional grass green?
Synthetic bowling greens offer significant advantages, including year-round playability regardless of weather conditions, minimal maintenance compared to natural grass and consistent playing surfaces that do not suffer from common grass issues like uneven growth or mud. These greens provide a durable, reliable playing field that enhances the game for players of all levels.
How do artificial bowling greens mimic the experience of playing on natural grass?
Artificial bowling greens are meticulously designed to replicate the feel and performance of natural grass. They feature advanced synthetic fibres that mimic the bounce, roll, and resistance of a traditional grass green, ensuring an authentic bowling experience. Modern manufacturing techniques ensure these surfaces offer the ideal balance between speed and control, closely matching the playing characteristics of natural turf.
Why should we choose your company as our synthetic bowling greens supplier?
As leading synthetic bowling greens suppliers, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products tailored to meet the specific needs of bowling clubs and private owners. Our greens are made from the finest materials, ensuring durability and performance. We provide comprehensive support, from selection through installation, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction and after-sales service.
What does synthetic bowling greens maintenance involve and how often is it required?
Synthetic bowling greens maintenance typically involves regular brushing to keep the fibres upright, debris removal to prevent contamination, and occasional infill top-up to ensure consistent playing characteristics. While much less frequent than natural grass maintenance, the schedule can vary based on usage and environmental factors. We recommend a professional maintenance check at least once a year to ensure your green remains in top condition.
Can we install artificial grass bowling green ourselves, or do we need professional installation?
While it is possible for some clients to undertake a DIY artificial grass bowling green installation, we highly recommend professional installation to ensure the best results. A properly installed green requires expertise in ground preparation, drainage, and precise laying of the turf to avoid issues like wrinkling or uneven play areas. Our team offers professional installation services to guarantee a high-quality finish.
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