Tired of pulling weeds and mowing your lawn? How about the expense of it all, from the fertilizers, water, and electricity costs to the maintenance labor? Is it not time you gave artificial grass some serious thought?

Maybe you have already made the decision to install artificial grass. Many homeowners are drawn to the many benefits of installing synthetic turf in Point Cook. Depending on the size of the space you want to cover with your artificial grass, the initial investment in an artificial turf may seem high. But overtime, the cost will even out and will seem a world cheaper than planting and maintaining a natural grass lawn. With synthetic grass;

  • You will not need to irrigate,
  • You will not need to pull weeds,
  • You will not have to mow.

To add to that, or because of it, artificial turf is an environmentally friendly option. Because you don’t mow, you conserve energy and don’t pollute the air. You also save water, which is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity due to global warming.


What To Consider Before Installing An Artificial Turf In Point Cook

All these benefits add up and will more than cover the initial costs. Even though artificial turf prices in Point Cook are fairly reasonable, you will need to shop around for the right grass for both your budget and taste. If you trust your DIY skills you may very well be able to do the installation yourself.

The kits come with detailed instructions that can guide you. But installing the fake grass yourself is only advisable if your space is small. If the patch is larger then you ought to have professionals come and lay the turf for you.

By doing a simple Google search or look through the yellow pages you should be able to find good synthetic turf Installers in Point Cook. Regardless, before you even start comparing quotes there are a few considerations to need to be mindful of;

1. Color

There is no denying it the reason most of us are attracted to synthetic grass, even after considering all its practical and cost benefits, is its evergreen, perfectly manicured appearance. Yet it can sometimes look somewhat too perfect. You want the grass to at least look closer to the real thing.

Luckily there is synthetic turf that looks less perfect and more like the real thing. Manufacturers of fake grass in Melbourne now make turf with traces of reddish and brownish grass that mimic moisture stressed or nutrient deficient grass. Besides that, synthetic grass is now offered in different colors, but some grasses will appear more real than others.

2. Wear and tear

Most artificial grasses nowadays are quite resilient. Distributors of artificial turf in Point Cook have made efforts to ensure their product is durable. Having said that, how long your artificial grass lasts depends on the level of foot traffic it has to endure. Carefully consider the area you intend to lay your turf and shop the right quality product. High foot traffic areas will suit artificial grass with spongy grass with long blades.

3. Warranty

You shouldn’t expect your artificial grass investment to fail you because the grass couldn’t live up to its quality promise. Sadly it can happen, which is why you need to ensure the grass you settle on is covered by a warranty. And considering that good artificial grass can last up to 20 years, you should be looking for a warranty of at least five years.

Ready to install that artificial turf?

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