Premium Plus $35.00 per m2


Our Premium Plus is a C-shape grass yarn, it’s been developed for faster recovery times after various activities as well as long lasting. The Premium grass is ideal for high traffic areas, back yards, balcony’s, terraces, commercial areas, schools, playgrounds and Child Care Centers.

Premium Plus is used in our Pet Spec System.

Our Premium Plus 40mm has been designed and constructed using antibacterial, mould proof and Grasscool® technology.

These technologies make this turf ideal to reduce bacteria, mould & can help reduce heat by around 20% on those hot summer days. Making it a great option for your backyard, balcony, or commercial areas.

Our Premium Plus backing is triple layered using double PP & black latex.

Having a high-density stich rate of 21000 p/m2 and thin C shape yarn provides comfort for our furry friends, kids & families.


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